In the Prince Albert beer garden, Stow cum Quy, August 1995.  Mrs Merv, Gazza, Jason, Merv, Loaf, Sue.

Reading the script for the girlie show ...

Loaf & Sean Sept 97
Loaf, Jason, Steve and Gazza at the Beer Engine June 95 - one leg good, two legs bad! Phil White, Steve Fulcher and Ding Ding present Loaf dossed out on the steps of the Old Court Brewhouse, Huddersfield! Oct 95
Sea Wall, Aston and Loaf at Wakefield BF Oct 94 Top seminar at the LS&B Party Dec 95, featuring (L-R) - Sue, Jason, Para, Nigel, Nice Hair, unknown, Aston, Dai, Gazza, Loaf, Bratley.
Gary White, Loaf and Teresa LSB party Dec 95 Jason, Gazza, Ding Ding and Loaf at the LS&B Party  Dec 95
Gazza & Loaf at LS&B Party Dec 95 Sexpest, Ding Ding, Phil White, Loaf and Gary White at Wakefield BF Oct 94
Loaf, Steve Fulcher, Jason, a horse and Gazza outside the Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy Aug 95.  One of the regulars used to arrive by horse, so here it is for posterity! A mass We're not worthy at the Stattion, Ashton in August 95.  With Steve, Aston, Gazza, ?, Nice Hair, Bratley, Leader, Nige, ?, Loaf, ?
York Seminar Feb 95 with Gazza, Loaf, ?, ?, Drillbit, Pogo, Steve, ? and Aston. Jase and Loaf at Newton Abbot, Oct 98 Loaf at Wakefield BF Oct 97 Sue, Steve, Pogo and Loaf Sheffield BF Sep 96
LOAF POOL ALBERT 95 Loaf, Jason Chicken and Gazza - Fat bastards at Ding Ding's house 1995    


Name(s) Meatloaf, Loaf, Tumbleweed
Real Name Chris Bell
From York
Scoops total 6000+ in 2003 Current Status Local Only
Started Early 90's Gave up because Got Married
Quotes "hoo hoo, numbfuck", "oy, knackerneck", "My lords, a fucking paxman", "what's a compo, numbfuck?"
Likes Paxmans, meatloaf
Other Gen Was the "technoscooper" on the Girlie Show.  Has "ticking children" (phots are promised!)