Andy Morton, Pinion, Aston, Nigel Croft 2-96

I've just had my Diane special upstairs ...

Russ, Bob, Nige and Dai at LS&B xmas party Dec 95
Nice Hair & Nigel Croft at Cardiff BF Oct 96 Gazza, Rick Zaple, Nige and Aston at the infamous "Star Balti" in Newton Abbot, March 96
Top seminar at the LS&B Party Dec 95, featuring (L-R) - Sue, Jason, Para, Nigel, Nice Hair, unknown, Aston, Dai, Gazza, Loaf, Bratley. Massive Tuckers Seminar, with Fletch, Bratley, Gazza, Alex, Sue, Jason, Aston, Russ, Phil rennison, ?, Nige, Tim from Telford, Nice Hair, ? April 95
Nige & Skeletor Nov 96 A mass We're not worthy at the Stattion, Ashton in August 95.  With Steve, Aston, Gazza, ?, Nice Hair, Bratley, Leader, Nige, ?, Loaf, ?
Nige at Cardiff BF Oct 96 Nige after haircut at the Fat Cat, Sheffield June 98
Para & Nige at Tucker's maltings BF Mar 95 Para dossed in the Dartmouth, Newton Abbot being bellowed by Steve Fulcher, Nige, Nice Hair and Aston in March 95
Nigel looking very Narky at St Albans BF Oct 97 Nigel USA

Phot: Alex

Nige NWAF 200106  


Name(s) Nige
Real Name Nigel Croft
From Barnsley
Scoops total ? Current Status Given up
Started ? Gave up because ?
Other Gen