Pete Johnson Turf Tavern Oxford 050403. PJ Worcester BF 150803
Beige PJ Tamworth 050903 PJ and Haydn Tamworth 050903
Planey Brian Moore his trolley and Sue Notts BF 161003 Ieuan & Pete with balloon at Sheffield '96

Phot: Helen

Telford Tim and PJ Worcester 130804 PJ and Browny Worcester 130804
Pete Johnson Notts 04

Phot : Phil Hodgson

PJ bottling Nottingham BF 221005
PJ and D Dave Nottingham BF 221005 Brian PJ Alan Burnett and MTMM Hillsborough Sheffield 161206
The Lees and PJ Leicester BF 170307      










Name(s) Pete, PJ
Real Name Pete Johnson
From Sheffield
Scoops total 10,000 @ 09/04 Current Status Scooping
Started 1996 Gave up because not yet
Likes Gueuze
Other Gen Would like an intravenous Hanssens Kriek!  (wouldn't we all?)