Steve, Aston, Simon Fyffe, Ding Ding, Pogo, Skeletor, Teresa, Gazza after the Royal Oak, Ledbury BF at the shack.  Aug 96

My Lords !

Pogo signing autographs in the Maltings, York after being made famous! Sept 96
Newton Abbot seminar, with Bratley, Stevo Cassidy, Sea Wall, Gazza, Steve Fulcher and Pogo. Sept 95 Pogo dossed out, Sep 95
Pogo & Wavey - Wavey's first curry! April 95 York Seminar Feb 95 with Gazza, Loaf, ?, ?, Drillbit, Pogo, Steve, ? and Aston.
Pogo after Wakefield BF Oct 95 Pogo 2-93 S.jpg (25649 bytes)
Pogo at Cardiff BF Oct 96 Pogo at Hove BF demolishing pickled eggs feb 93
Pogo at Newton Abbot BF Sept 95 Pogo Beer House May 98

Pogo dossed at Cardiff BF Oct 96

Pogo at Sheffield BF Sept 96

Pogo and Gazza at Brian's House, Cardiff Oct 96

Pogo Oct 96

Sue, Steve, Pogo and Loaf Sheffield BF Sep 96

Pogo 230598

Pogo on the "Girlie Show"















Name(s) Pogo
Real Name Paul Illingworth
From York
Scoops total ? Current Status Given up
Started ? Gave up because To do alcopops
Other Gen The world's only alcopop scooper.  Was on the Girlie Show with Loaf.