The "Vital Spark", Para handy's famous puffer.The Beer House, Manchester circa 1991 - them were the days!What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)The copper at Appollo, Kobenhavn.Fang, the world's beigest dog.  RIP.The ticking pen mustn't be forgotten!My looooords!! Get into that seminar!Now THAT's what I call a funnel!Magus from the Cask in Sheffield.

North West England : 72 scoopers

Last Updated : 04/09/07


Alan & Christine Cross Alan Gardner Barry "Beige" Phil Big Jim
Billy Whizz Bob's Mate Bobby Nattrass Brian Wightman  
Brian Waine Chief Chris Bealing Chris Walkden Dave Brown
Dave Simister
Dave Simister Dave Bottomley Dave Wild Dicko Gary Levin

(Usual Pose)

Geoff Carnaby Geoff Fincher Hospital Alan Hutch Ian Robinson
Ian Shergold Ian Cook Jason Garside John Clarke John Dawson
Jonesey Ken Dickinson Keith Elwers Kevin Howarth Lawrence
Liverpool Steve Lostock Pete Mark Enderby Matt Drumond Mark Laurie
Mark Love Mike Smith Mike-W Mike Thomson Molly
Neil MacGowan Nick Pownall Nicky Wightman Nigel Lythoe Ollie
Otto Paul from Chester Paul Davies Paul & Jo McNeill Paul Dixon
Paul Rotherham "Blind" Peter "Commie" Phil Phil Marquis  
Ray and June Ray Jackson Rick Pickup Robert Aitchison Roly
Simon George Stan Stuart Connolly Stuart Elwers Simon Mawson
Tony Messado Tony Wilson Valerie Hollows "Woody"  

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