Consulting the good book.Some bottles ready for consumption.The Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy.  RIP.The one and only Jimmy Hill!A trayload of winners, fresh from Sal's cellar!Handpumps ready and waiting to dispense winners - well, one is.A big Prague tram in the snow"Foreign" beer counts too, you know....

South and East England : 103 Scoopers

Last Updated : 21/04/08


Alan Harmer Alan from Huntingdon Allan Badger Andy Smith Arthur
Badger Benn Nunn Big John Bob the Bus Bob Harris
Brian (Bedford) Burnley Dave Chris Battye Chris Bozier Chris Owen
Clive Penning Colin Green Colin Greenway Colin from Redhill Country Scooper
Crimewatch Croydon Brian Danny Blackwell Dave Bumstead Dave Curson
Dennis Dicky Webb Floss Frostie Goff Wiles
George Wiles Geoff from Slough Graham Baker "Harry the B" Hughie
Ian Davey Ian Gosden Ian Harrison Ian Winfield Jimmy Hill

(usual pose)

John Adams John Bratley John Law John Lomax John the Jag
Joany Jugboy Julian Jules Junior Scooper
Keith from Sevenoaks Little Les Little Chris Loz Aslett Malcolm
Marcus Rees Martin the Mildman Martin from Plumstead Mark Edwards Mary
Mat Wilson Mick Furn Mike Cooper Mike Dunstan Nigel
Paul Brown Paul Harrop Pete "2 Sips" Peter Franklin Peter from Staines
Peter from Woking Pete West Phil Wignall Pinion Reading Richard
Reg Richard Withey Rob Bolt Rob Gooding Robert Simpkins
Roland from Ruislip Roy Bateman "Shalom" Sid the Scoop Simon Fyffe
Simon Hurst "Slobby" Ray Spud Rustler Screwdriver Steve Stephen Harris
Steve King Steve Davis Stevo Cassidy Steve Pereira Steve from Sutton
Strands Suited Scooper Super Scooper Tim Shore Tony Burke
Allegedly it's him....    
Tony Green Tony Martens Veg Stout    

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