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  Tamworth 2006! 

Last Updated : 10/09/06

amworth beer fest was, as usual, attended by anyone who's anyone in scooping circles.  Here's a few phots just in case you're not anyone and didn't go...


Beer drinking pes Tamworth 070906 Mr Moore Tamworth 070906 Ollie bottling Tamworth 070906 Steve from Liverpool Tamworth 070906 Tony Burke Tamworth 070906
Beer drinking pes 070906 Mr Moore 070906 Ollie bottling 070906 Steve from Liverpool 070906 Tony Burke 070906
Desperate Dave's cards Tamworth 070906 Gary mess Tamworth 070906 CampoTamworth 070906 Herbals beige coffin Tamworth 070906 My 15000th Tamworth 080906
Desperate Dave's cards 070906 Gary mess 070906 Campo 070906 Herbals beige coffin 070906 My 15000th 080906
Drillbits bottle stash Tamworth 080906 Drillbit Tamworth 080906 Little Linda Tamworth 080906 Brian from Croydon and Martin Tamworth 080906 Tia Maria Jim Tamworth 080906
Drillbits bottle stash 080906 Drillbit 080906 Little Linda 080906 Brian from Croydon and Martin 080906 Tia Maria Jim 080906
Paul Harrop Tamworth 080906 Martin from Plumstead Tamworth 080906 Gazza Tamworth 080906 Martin and Richard Nash Tamworth 080906 Beige Morton Tamworth 080906
Paul Harrop 080906 Martin from Plumstead 080906 Gazza with ghosts 080906 Martin and Richard Nash 080906 Beige Mr Morton 080906
Knobby dossed Tamworth 080906. Gary Levin Tamworth 080906 Herbal working Tamworth 080906 Fudge and Claire Tamworth 080906 Sue and mini-aston Tamworth 080906
Knobby dossed out 080906 Gary Levin 080906 Herbal working 080906 Fudge and Claire 080906 Sue and mini-Aston 080906
Matt from Preston dossed Tamworth 080906        
Matt from Preston dossed out 080906        
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