Fang, the world's beigest dog.  RIP.A big Prague tram in the snowCantillon bottles in One Pint Pub, Helsinki.Handpumps ready and waiting to dispense winners - well, one is.What all scoopers should do, IMO!Mick the Tick skiffling.A fine looking specimen.A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.


Last Updated : 16/09/08

his page lists all the Pub Cats we know about.  A pub just isn't the same without one or more felines, so here they are in all their furry glory (plus other assorted animals with extremely tenuous beery connections).

If you have any more critters we could feature, please let us know!

Total Critters - 51

Artur Babe Beer House Cat Beer Drinking Pes Black Sheep Cat
Bratley Budapest Cat Cask Pes Castle Cat Manc Cato
Chino in the Crescent
Charlie Cheeko Chino Chloe CPT Cat
Fang in the Beer House
Emile Fang Fang the Cat Fighting Cocks Frank
Kipper from Nottingham

Phot : Lee Barrass

Harley Pes Highlander Cat Holly Kipper Kulminator Kat
Magy-Belly! Max in Ludlow
Magus Max Merlin Minsk Monastir Panther
Nelson Cats Ozzy Pitkin Rakker Rasputin
Ratchet Reg the Capybara Sammy the Belgian Dog Shadow Snowy
Steffi Tazz Thistle Park dog Thorold Arms  
Tig Tigs Toffee Fudge Traquair Topper

Phot : Lee Barrass

Welly Wow      


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