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  100 Words on holding beers back! 

Last Updated : 22/05/05


ecently, a CAMRA cellarman named JohnB (on the egroup Cask-uk) challenged me to write 100 words on holding beers back; how could I refuse? Here it is.

"If youíre reading this on Friday night, stop right here - unless your chosen cask is empty! Most drinkers have dreamed of a festival where all beers are available at every session without rationing but, unfortunately, this is not reality. We must accept by arriving later to a festival that thirsty customers will have consumed certain beers; casks arenít unending but finite in their supply. If your chosen tipple has been drunk when you arrive, donít complain Ė choose another and console yourself that next time it might be you having the last glass from a cask!  Enjoy the beer festival."

And yes, it is 100 words!  Any comments on this?

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