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This gem is from the York Evening Press, first published Saturday 25th Nov 2000.


STEADY, ladies. Pogo and Meatloaf, the George Clooney and Russell Crowe of the beer drinking world, are back on the box next week.

After their triumph on The Girlie Show in 1997, the York real ale connoisseurs are set for a multi-media blitz next week.  This is also good news for their favourite hostelry, The Maltings, Tanners Moat, York, as it has been somewhat publicity starved of late.

Pogo (aka Paul Illingsworth) and Meatloaf (aka Chris Bell) feature in the Tyne Tees television show Kluz's Obsessions on Tuesday at 7.30pm.  During the programme, the pair initiated presenter Alan Kluz into the exotic world of beer ticking.  This is the practice of sampling as many different real ales as possible, ticking each off as you go. Pogo has ticked 7,000, Meatloaf 5,500.

Part of the programme was filmed at The Maltings' last beer festival, put together as always by landlord Shaun Collinge, where the lads added many ticks to their ledgers.  As well as Kluz's Obsessions, Chris and Paul are due to appear in the Daily Star, More and Chat magazines, and possibly Granada TV's Homes and Gardens.

When Bar Talk suggested they needed an agent, Chris replied: "We've got one - he's called Shaun"  He added: "You've heard of Ant and Dec, look out for Pogo and Meatloaf!"


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