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Last Updated : 14/04/07

ark Enderby has recently been on his travels again, so thanks to him for this report on a country I'd never have thought of going to on a beer hunt...  Mark Enderby


Beer comes in 2 basic types – 5% lager and 8% stout. The market is dominated by Cambrew of Sihanoukville - owned by Carlsberg - who produce the ubiquitous Angkor (a pleasant malty lager). They also produce Black Panther Stout which I failed to come across in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. I also failed to find the other lager they produce – Bayon.

Cambodia Brewery is owned by Heineken and is based in Phnom Penh. Their main lager is cheekily called Anchor and they also brew Tiger and ABC Stout (both primarily Singapore brews). The ABC Stout is an excellent chocolate stout – full of flavour and very moreish (even though I only found it in cans). The Malaysian-brewed Guinness FES wasn’t a patch on this.


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