A big Prague tram in the snowA brewery.  This one is Holba in Moravia, Czech republik.What a lovely pair.  oooh-er missus!Gazza by the coppers at Klasterni, Praha.A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.Seminars - even better at 09:00 in the morning!A load of casks outside the Evening Star in Brighton.Keeping some bottles cold in a bag of snow on a train in Croatia!What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)The view from behind the glass!

    The Prague beer scene   

Last Updated : 02/05/10

ith the Prague brewing scene really taking off I've decided, after our last manic scooping frenzy in the city, to rewrite my complete Czech section and have split off this Prague guide so as to give the city it's due and will update it whenever I have any new gen to post.

Thanks to all those who have helped me with gen on the scene, mainly Chris Fudge, Dean Roberts, Paul Harrop, Joe Wright, John Holland and Max Bahnson (the Pivní Filosof) - thanks, guys.

There are currently eight brewpubs in Prague (plus one which very occasionally brews) all of which are easily visited by tram (the only way to travel!); get a tram map first from one of the information centres as the network is one of the largest in Europe and is particularly convoluted and busy with trams running 24 hours a day to most destinations.  Prague's transport system combines trams, buses and a 3-line metro and is excellent, it really does save a lot of walking, and whilst the prices are steep for Czech they won't break the bank for us Brits with a 24-hour ticket coming in at 100Kč (just over Ł3) with which you can travel around the capital by almost any transport method - see here.

Take a look at my Google beer map for Prague here.  I'll list the brewpubs first in alphabetical order followed by the two student breweries then some good bars where you'll find interesting beers and then the beer shop.  More info can be found in the following locations -

** Please note that due to track works at Sparta the Prague tram system has been totally rejigged with tram 23 being suspended and most others having amended destinations.  Your best bet is to look at DPP's website or pick up a map at the ticket kiosk at the airport when you arrive. **


** Latest news from the city, August 2009 **

(Thanks to Max Bahnson for this)



Brewpub - brews on the premises U Fleků, Křemencova 11, Staré Město.  Open daily 09.00 - 23.00.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Take tram 21 to Myslíkova and Křemencova is opposite with U Fleků 50 metres on the left.  Alternately, take trams 3,9,14,24 to Lazarská, carry on south along the tramlines until you come to Myslikova and Křemencova is second on the right.

A ranting mouth... Famous as the world's oldest brewpub although the current beer (bottom-fermented in wooden vessels) only dates back 100 years or so.  Sadly the pub's raison d'ętre these days seems to be to fleece tourists although, catch it when it's quiet, and you can enjoy the dark 13° beer which varies in quality but - when it's on form - it's still one of the finest dark lagers you'll ever drink, and it should be for 59Kč per 0.4l glass!  At other times it can seem as if 500 lederhosen-clad Germans have been shoehorned into it, all singing along to cheesy choons on a squeezebox.  One more piece of advice is not to be tempted with the Becherovka (I think that's what it is...) which is almost forced into your mouth by the waiters; it's very expensive!  Touristy, yes, but it's worth it - even just once - in the hope you catch the beer on form for one of the world's finest drinking experiences.


Brewpub - brews on the premises Jihoměstký Pivovar, Podjavorinske 1602, Chodov.

A boot. Take the red metro (C) to the southern terminus, Háje.  Head for the concrete church and turn right along the main road towards a yellow building.  Take the first left, Michnova, and follow it right when the road turns left at a huge block of flats.  Continue along the road and the brewpub should be on your left either just before or just after turning left at the end.

A ranting mouth... Brewpub which opened in May 2010 with František Richter (of Richter brewpub fame) doing the brewing.


Brewpub - brews on the premises Klášterní pivovar Strahov, Strahovské nádvoři 301.  Open all day.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. To get there, take the 22 (Bílá Hora) or 23 (Malovanka) tram (take them from the Štĕpánská stop outside Pivovarský Dům if you want!) up the superb hairpin bends of Chotkova and then past the Hrad (castle) before alighting just before the Klášter (monastery) on Keplerova, stop Pohořelec.  Walk straight ahead following the tram, cross the main road as it bends right, then walk up the small lane that heads uphill to the right towards some big stone gates.  At the top, walk through said gates into Strahovské nádvoři and the brewpub is on the left after a short distance behind a wall painted with the brewery's logo.

A ranting mouth... The standard beer is a dark 14° which is average to good and there is also usually a seasonal special on plus maybe the amber too.  It's ostensibly a tourist magnet which charges excessive prices (59Kč!) for small 0.4l glasses of beer much the same as U Fleků does, although the beers are, to be fair, pretty decent in quality  making it worth the trip; you can even do the funicular up Petřín hill then walk here in 15 minutes before scoring the beers and taking a tram to your next destination.


Brewpub - brews on the premises U Medvídků, Na Perštýně 7, Staré Město.  Note opening times below.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Right in the thick of the old town and thus fairly easy to find.  Take the metro line B or trams 6,9,18,21,22,23  to Národní třída and Na Perštýně is just across Národní with the pub a short distance on your left; look out for the mural on the wall.

A ranting mouth... It's a right old mix of a place is the little bears; for a start it has three bars plus a brewery, a cabaret hall and finally a beer shop!  The main beer hall is open from 11:30 - 23:00 and serves just Budvar so that's of little interest to anyone except as a corridor to the main attraction, the so-called X-Beer bar (same hours).  To find this, walk straight through the beer hall, avoiding the waiters trying to offer you a table or beer, passing a room-load of wooden casks holding maturing beer on your right behind a glass wall, until you find some steps.  Go down to the shop or up to find the extremely well-hidden brewery and bar where you can sit in peace to contemplate one of Czech's strangest beers - Flemish Oud Bruin, anyone?  The price is a touch steep at 49Kč for half a litre but it's worth it for such a classic wood-brewed lager and you may be lucky and find a special beer on draught for astronomical prices, although 111Kč for the X-Beer 33° (12.8%, usually bottled only) is a touch over the top in my view.  The other bar in the building is at the front and is called the "Budweiser bar"; no need to visit that you might say, but if you want to try Budvar unpasteurised (or "ring beer" as they call it) then it's either here or Budvarka at Dejvická; it's open from 16:00 until 03:00.

Brewpub - brews on the premises
Novomĕstský Pivovar, Vodičkova 20, Staré Město.  Open Mon–Fri 10:00-23:30, Sat 11:30–23:30 and Sun 12:00-22:00.  (One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Take tram 3,9,14,24 to Vodičkova and the Novomĕstský (New Town) brewpub is almost opposite on the south side of the road, but be aware that the entrance is pretty hard to spot (look for the name above the shopping arcade-like entrance) and it's down the passage from there; just follow the cases full of tat! 

A ranting mouth... This place is geared to food, although the uniformed waiters might reluctantly find you a place if you make it clear you just want to try the beers.  Mind you don't get lost though, it's like a warren in there with a whole load of different rooms.  The 2 beers, pale and dark 11° kvasnicový lagers, are flowery and malty without being stunning and, unfortunately, this is another brewpub where the beers are priced for tourists (although nowhere near as highly as Medvídků or Strahov).  Don't bother with the food as even though it's okay the prices are very steep - do yourself a favour and go to Pivovarský Dům instead, it's only a five-minute walk!

Brewpub - brews on the premises
Pivovarský Dům, Ječná 15, Nový Město.  Open daily 11:00 - 23:30.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Take trams 4,6,10,16,22,23 to Štĕpánská and you'll see the brewpub about 20 metres up the hill on the south side of the road (the right hand side looking up the hill).  It's not that obvious it's a bar, looking more like some Soviet kitchen appliance showroom, but believe me it is - and it makes some of the best beers around on it's shiny copper plant. 

A ranting mouth... In my opinion some of the best beer in Prague; they serve a fantastic tmavé and svĕtlý plus a wheat (pšeničné) and sometimes a seasonal in addition to other less impressive concoctions such as cherry, coffee, banana and nettle (!) plus a bottled beer called Šamp (champagne beer with muscat grape extract).  Stick to the supremely good basic beers and don't neglect the food (their garlic soup is wonderful, as is the game with cranberries) and you can't go wrong.  One of my favourite brewpubs in the world - thus far - although it does get very busy and the staff aren't the cheeriest even for Prague!   They also own the Pivovarský Klub at Křižíkova 17, Karlín, which is 100 metres from Florenc Metro station and is probably Prague's only true scooper's bar with six changing guest beers at all times.


Brewpub - brews on the premises Pražský most u Valšů, Betlémská 5, Staré Město.  Open 11:00 - 23:00 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Situated close to Charles Bridge and not too far from U Medvídků, this brand-new brewpub is found in the maze of old lanes and so needs a map to locate.  The closest tram stop is probably Karlovy lázně, trams 17,18.

A ranting mouth... Beware, the website is in Cyrillic and Czech only... but if you can't read either then to save you the bother of going there to investigate let me say that the pub is now brewing it's own světlý and tmavý beers plus they also have Rohozec tmavý 12° and Březňák světlý 12° on tap, both pretty good and rare beers for Prague.  The brewplant was finally commissioned in June 2008, a year after being installed!


Brewpub - brews on the premises U Bulovky Richter Pub, Bulovka 17, Libeň.  Open Mon-Thu 11:00 - 23:00, Fri 11:00 - 24:00, Sat 12:00 - 24:00 and Sun closed.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Take tram 10,15,24,25 to Bulovka and you pass the road just before the stop.  Cross the zebra crossing (from the back of the tram heading out of town walk to the rear end of the platform then turn right across Zenklova) and the brewpub is a short distance down Bulovka on your right.  It's a lot easer than this sounds, only a few minutes' walk!

A ranting mouth... Quite a way out of the action, most people would never guess that this little side-street bar holds a delicious secret in the shape of František Richter's gleaming copper brewery which takes up one corner of the cosy bar in a very Austrian or German way - which is understandable when you learn that František lived abroad for a while!  The standard beer is a 12.3° svétlé which is simply superb plus at least one special which could be anything from a dark lager through wheat beer to ale or stout; the range is very wide and includes - almost uniquely - top fermenting styles alongside the more traditional Czech lagers.  A superb place with excellent food, excellent beer and an all-round quality which you don't see that often.  Oh yes, as an added bonus, and the only tourists you'll see will be fellow beer lovers!


Brewpub - brews on the premises Sousedský pivovar Bašta, Táborská 49, Nusle.  Open 11:00 - 00:00 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Take tram 18 to Nuselská radnice then walk along following the tramlines, cross Sezimova, and the brewpub is on your right only 2 minutes from the tramstop.

A ranting mouth... A very new brewpub which opened at the turn of 2008, this is an unusual pub in that it's very Köln in character - it doesn't have a bar but an area where the staff dispense beers before service!  All very new and wood-clad with a cute little brewery in a  side room producing a range of four beers of which two are generally on at any one time plus, apparently, some specials.  Both we tried were very good with the polotmavý being excellent so it's well worth a look and can be worked into a crawl featuring U Klokočnika, Zlý Časy and then Prvni Pivni Tramway.  The Ježek bar opposite the tramstop advertising kvasnicový pivo seems to have vanished.


I also hear rumours of another "maybe" brewpub, Vojanuv dvur, at U Lužického semináře 21 between Charles Bridge and the Castle, although I also hear it's a Krušovice pub and doesn't brew; any gen welcome!


The one that got away...

U Zlatého Anděla, (Golden Angel), Celetná 29, Staré Město. 

A ranting mouth... A famous old hotel which apparently accommodated Mozart during his stays in Prague and is/was being totally refurbished as an upmarket hotel once again.  This was supposed to include a brewpub, but they've apparently changed their mind and now it won't... ah well, you win some...



Brewery without integral bar Minipivovar SPŠPT, Podskalská 10, Nový Město.

A boot. Trams 3,7,16,17,21 to Výtoň and it's a few minutes walk from there.

A ranting mouth... Not really a brewpub as such, this is a micro-brewery inside the "Střední průmyslová škola potravinářských technologií" - which translates something like "central school of industrial food processing technology", yum yum - produces beers as part of the courses there and, as far as I can gather, sell it in 1.5l PET bottles - but I don't know where!  If anyone does, please let me know... Joe Wright visited the site in 2006 but couldn't find a bar or anywhere obviously selling the beers.


Brewery without integral bar Suchdolský Jeník, Kamýcká 129, Suchdol.

A boot. Take bus 107 (Suchdol) or 147 (Výhledy) from Dejvická metro station (the two buses give a 15-minute frequency) to the Zemědělská univerzita stop and then follow my map to the various bars on campus where you might find the university's own brew - maybe!

A ranting mouth... This is the "Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze" or Czech agricultural university where a small brewery exists for the courses run there.  The beer is served on draught in the various bars around the campus although supply is sporadic and depends, obviously, on whether the plant has been used recently!  We found the beer in "Klub C".  It's one for the adventurous, this, being a 15-minute bus ride out of Prague and then a wander around the university grounds which look like something from some Soviet concrete nightmare!

Gen ! Using a PDF the Pivni Filosof sent me, I've created this campus map showing where the beer can be found - the places highlighted in red (NOT the red buildings on the map!) sell the beer so the choice has increased by fourfold...  Gen !



Pub or Bar Budvarka, Wuchterlova 22, Dejvice.  Open 11:00 - 00:00 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Just south of Dejvická metro station but closer to tram stop Vítězné náměstí (trams 2,8,20,26), you pass the pub on the left descending the hill towards the tram stop.

A ranting mouth... One of a growing chain of Budvar pubs across the country specialising in unpasteurised beer (here called kroužkovaný not kvasnicový) and excellent food in a comfortable atmosphere.  This one is a handy final stop before the airport bus and is one of only two places in Prague to serve unpasteurised Budvar, the other being the Budweiser bar in U Medvídků.  Reasonably cheap and I can categorically recommend the food especially the Staročeský talíř (Bohemian plate) which is a 1/4 duck, smoked pork, sausage, roasted pork, white and red sauerkraut served with bohemian, bacon and potato dumplings all for 215Kč - a bargain.  The beer is fine but I'm still not sure why it's so raved over...  As well as the unpasteurised they also sell standard Budvar plus the dark.


Pub or Bar Ferdinanda, Opletalova 24, Staré Město.  Open Mon-Sat 11:00 - 23:00.  (One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Situated in a cellar between the main train station (Hlavní nádraží) and Wenceslas square, if you leave the station and walk along Opletalova it's on your left and only a few minutes walk.

A ranting mouth... Not everyone will like this brash, trendy bar but there's no denying it's in a decent location for the station.  It serves up four Ferdinand beers on draught including the pretty good Sedm Kuli 13ş polotmavý.  Not really one for the pub-lovers but the beer's okay if you need 'em.


Pub or Bar Hrom do Police, Moravská 40, Vinohrady.  Open 12:00 (Sat 14:00) - 23:00, Sun closed.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Tram 10,16 to Šumavská; if you're travelling out of the centre then follow the tramlines and take the first right into Chodská; the entrance to the bar (it's in a cellar and the entrance isn't what you'd expect!) is just over the first road (Moravská) on your left.

A ranting mouth... A great cellar bar which serves the full range of Polička brews; 10° pale and dark, 11°, 11° kvasnicové, 12° and 12° kvasnicové for very reasonable prices, enabling you to clear the lot for less than 150Kč!  Reasonably close to I P Pavlova and therefore Pivovarský Dům, this bar is well worth a visit for the very tasty and characterful brews on sale.


Pub or Bar Klášterni šenk, Marketská 1, Břevnov.  Open 11:30 - 23:00 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Follow directions as for U Kláštera and you'll see the Břevnov monastery (dating from 993) across the road.  Walk in through the main gates and the pub is through some lovely old doors on the right-hand side of the courtyard.

A ranting mouth... Now this is one hidden gem.  It's done out in a very old-world style with stripped wood tables and a large glowing oven in the middle and seems to be a popular destination for locals to eat the splendid looking victuals.  The beer isn't bad either, being Klášter's lovely 11° light and dark beers for a reasonable 28Kč a half-litre making this an good place for a meal and some top beer, plus you've got U Kláštera across the road too... it's enough to make a born-again Atheist believe in heaven...


Pub or Bar Pivovarský Klub, Křižíkova 17, Karlín. Open 11:00-23:30 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. From metro station Florenc, exit by the Křižíkova steps and the brewpub is 100 metres along the street towards the railway viaduct (not the big concrete flyover!).  Florenc tram stop (trams 8,24) is one block behind the metro, and the bus station is almost opposite the pub.

A ranting mouth... A unique place in Prague's centre, this pub offers no permanent beers (although generally has Náchod wheat) but a constantly changing choice of six guest brews from all over the country.  There's generally a Pivovarský Dům scoop available (they have all the special brews here) but the others could be anything at all!  A pair of fridges hold a whole load of bottled beers, mainly from Czech, and as if this wasn't enough the place also doubles as a beer shop and also a brewery; you can arrange to use the dinky little copper brewplant in the front window to make your own beer and apparently, very irregularly, they sell one of their own brews from this picobrewery... if you're extremely lucky (I never have been)!  A classic bar and very unique in the city, although not really a brewpub as such.  The food is recommended too.


Pub or Bar První Pivní Tramway.  At the terminus of tram 11 at Spořilov, the official address is Na Chodovci 1a.  Open 14:00 - 00:00 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Take tram 11 to it's terminus at Spořilov; as you alight the bar is in what looks like the old concrete staff hut just a few metres from you!  Remember that the tram boarding point is at the other side of the loop, but they ring a bell inside to warn when a tram is leaving (sometimes...)

A ranting mouth... Inside is thankfully nothing like the exterior with various cosy rooms including one where a fake tram has been constructed for patrons to sit in... all very surreal, but the main reason to come here is for the two guest beers which can be from anywhere in the country.  I particularly liked the posters which advertised Black Death vodka, "Drink in Peace" being their slogan!  The food is good and reasonably priced (the garlic soup was lovely and very garlicky!) but the main reason to come is for the guest taps plus Náchod wheat beer on draught.  Surreal, strange, different - but very good, and I guarantee you won't have been to many places like it before, this was the Czech beer lover's bar of the year in 2006.


Pub or Bar Tlustá Koala, Senovážná 8, Staré Město.  Open from 11:00 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Just south of Náměstí Republiky, the powder tower and Masarykovo rail station.

A ranting mouth... This bar serves, amongst the Staropramen dross, a Kocour beer which is worth the trip itself. The bar looks like something transplanted from Scotland with much wood and glass around the place.


Pub or Bar U Buldoka, Preslova 353, Anděl/Smíchov.

A boot. Trams 4,7,10,14 to Zborovská.

A ranting mouth... A bar which has recently begun selling the rare Pivovarský dvůr Zvíkov beers as well as tanková Pilsen.


Pub or Bar U Kláštera, Bělohorská 169 Břevnov. Open 10:30 - 23:00 daily.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Trams 15/22/25 to Břevnovský klášter and the pub is on your left after a few metres.

A ranting mouth... A superb local's pub far enough out to be free of tourists and without the old town's "tourist tax", this large multi-roomed bar serves a strange array of draught beers including light and dark Klášter brews, Urquell, Budvar, Hoegaarden (!) and the relatively rare Náchod Primátor 16°.  The food is excellent, expecially the koleno, and all things considered it's a cracking pub which I'd never have found without Evan Rail's guide!


Pub or Bar U Klokočnika, Na Veselí 48, Nusle.  Open 11:00 - 23:00.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Tram 18 to Na Veselí and walk up Na Veselí north to the pub, around 200m.

A ranting mouth... What a cracker this is! A proper local's bar out in the wilds of Nusle which will never see an ordinary tourist (unless they're very lost) which serves ordinary and kvasnicové versions of Kácov's excellent brews, with the extra yeast turning them into some kind of divine nectar and some of the finest Czech beers I've ever tasted.  It can be worked into a crawl of sorts with Prvni Pivni Tramway and Sousedský pivovar Bašta so there's no excuse not to come here - it's a classic pub with superb beers for some of the cheapest prices I've ever seen in Prague; 15Kč for the 10° kvasnicové is just daft for something of that quality!


Pub or Bar U Radnice, Havlíčkovo námesti 7, Žížkov.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Very close to the Lipanska tramstop, a few minutes walk downhill.

A ranting mouth... This bar used to be a Podkovan pub until that brewery went bust and now serves four or so guest beers on tap.  The problem, however, is working out what they are as the staff speak little or no English (it's not on the tourist trail so no problem there) and the various chalkboards all seem to say different things!  Still, it's well worth a visit for the very cheap prices and the possibility of a scoop or two, the number of taps seems to be increasing as does the rarity of the beers; it's becoming a must-visit these days!


Pub or Bar U Slovanské Lípi, Tachovské Nám / Koněvova, Žížkov.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. The bar is next to the tunnel linking Žížkov with Karlín and bus 133 passes outside or it's a 5-minute walk downhill from the Lipanska tramstop.

A ranting mouth... This bar serves Kout na Šumavě beers from the brewery of that name out near Plzen, generally including the 18 degree dark! It's a very old-school "clubby" place which isn't for those who like nice, poncey places but if you've been in a proper Northern club then you'll feel right at home... cork tiles and old yellowing photos on the wall, that kind of thing, a real find and the prices are tremendously local!


Pub or Bar U Svatého Tomáše, Letenská 12, Malá Strana.

A boot. Situated just shy of the interlaced track under the arch on Letenská and easily walkable from Malostranská or Malostranské náměstí tramstops, being equidistant from each.  Metro line A (green) also stops at Malostranská.

A ranting mouth... Situated in the Augustine hotel, this legendary former brewery and beerhall in the lower quarter now serves micro-brewed beer including at least one from Martin Matouska, the brewer at Strahov's own brewery.  I've not been but it sounds like a great addition to the scene.


Pub or Bar Zlý Časy, Čestmírova 5, Nusle.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Close to Sousedský pivovar Bašta in Nusle, just along the road from Náměstí Bratří Synků‎ tramstop (trams 11 and 18).

A ranting mouth... This cellar bar is fast becoming an institution in Prague's beer scene with it's eclectic choice of guest beers.  It's fairly close to the Bašta brewpub which makes for a decent trip out to Nusle although the two couldn't be more different with the "Evil Times" being a brick-lined cellar with up to eight guest beers on tap usually including Kácov and maybe Joe's Garage or Kocour.  There's also an expanding range of bottled beers in the fridges, not all Czech, and overall the bar is a sociable spot for a few hours scooping/drinking and, as is to be expected from the location, it's pretty cheap too.  One tap is generally reserved for Matouska, the personal brewery of Martin Matouska who is the brewer at Strahov.


Beer shop.

Bottle shop or Offie Pivní Galerie, U Průhonu 9, Holešovice.  Open Mon-Fri 12:00 - 21:00, closed weekends.  (One Point !One Point !One Point !One Point !)

A boot. Take tram 5,12,15 to U Průhonu but note that this tramstop only exists northbound, if you travel south to the shop from Holešovice then you must get off at Dělnická two blocks further south and walk back.

A ranting mouth... A classic beer shop which stocks well over 100 varieties of Czech beer in bottle (plus German and other beers), definitely the best range in the city, but that's not all; the shop also has a little tap room to the side (accessed through the shop) which has two taps dispensing various guest beers from all over the country.  Considering it's dual attractions as a guest beer pub and excellent bottle shop I consider the Pivní Galerie to be an essential visit when in Prague, although the weekend closing is rather inconvenient!


Other random beer gen.

Getting into town from the airport.  (Updated 05/12/08)

** Be warned that owing to tunnel construction at Sparta the tram system has totally changed; you need to download a map from the website or get one from the kiosk in arrivals.  For example, tram 23 is currently suspended and many others have been diverted and/or go to different destinations at their northern termini than they used to... **

At Prague airport (PRG) there are various ATM's in the entrance hall all of which speak English; once you have your money you no longer need to get change from the shops for the bus as there's a new "transport information centre" in arrivals which sells all the required transport tickets; it's now 26Kč for a "changing" ticket (Plnočenna jizdenka) or 100Kč for a 24-hour (24-hodinové) ticket - all must be punched in the machines on the bus upon entering to avoid the attention of the (admittedly rare) plain clothes inspectors.

Walk out of the terminal entrance (flying from the UK you'll come into T1) and the bus stop is signposted just across the road to your right.  If you still need to buy a ticket - which you should have done in arrivals - there are yellow ticket machines that also speak English; a "Plnočenna jizdenka" (transfer ticket, 26Kč) and allows 75mins travel (90 mins off-peak, 20:00-05:00 and all day Sat and Sun) on city transport - metro, tram or bus.  You can also get a "denni jizdenka/24-hodinové" or day ticket (valid 24 hours from validation) for 100Kč from the machines, useful if you're doing quite a bit of travelling, but buying hourly tickets is an option - after all, you need to validate 4 transfer tickets to spend more than a day ticket!  There are also 72-hour tickets (330Kč for some obscure reason) and 5-day ones too (500Kč) although these are available from the kiosk and metro ticket offices only.

The routes into the centre of town are operated by DPP and take the form of a journey by bus then Metro.  You have three options;

  1. The new No.100 bus to Zličín metro - this takes ages and isn't advised as Zličín is literally miles out of town, or

  2. Preferably, bus 119 to it's terminus at Dejvická for the metro line A forwards to wherever you need in the centre.  Bus 119 runs every 10 mins or so but make sure you punch your ticket in one of the yellow validators once inside as the plain clothes inspectors are very desperate and not speaking Czech isn't a valid excuse to be NV!

  3. There's also a new bus called "AE" which runs from the airport via Dejvická to Holešovice (or maybe now the main?) rail station although it costs 45Kc (special ticket issued, day tickets not valid) and only runs every 30 minutes.

The official ticket gen from Praha public transport is "Transfer tickets Tickets for three fare zones can be used 75 minutes from validation. On working days from 08.00 PM to 05.00 AM and on Saturdays and Sundays round the clock such tickets can be used 90 minutes from validation. Non-transfer tickets apply to trams and buses 20 minutes allowing no change. On the Metro such tickets are valid for the distance of 5 stations from the station of validation (not including the station of validation) allowing to change between the lines A,B,C, but no longer than 30 minutes. These tickets do not apply to night routes and funicular railway."

See the latest maps of the Praha transport systems here or visit the main site here.

A collection of Czech beermats from all around the country.

BM dum BM flek BM zlatopramen BM holba BM vysk BM klaster BM novopacko BM pernstejn BM platan BM primator Pegas of Brno Cerna Hora, near Brno

Holba brewery, Hanusovice North Moravia 230803 Richter Brewpub Prague by Fudge Richter Brewpub plant by Fudge Richter beers by Fudge Pivovarský Dům.

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