Last Updated : 12/07/05


We've just got back from a trip to Estonia and Helsinki, where we managed to sample some of the very unusual Sahti, a beer made without hops, filtered through spruce twigs and fermented with baker's yeast - it tastes as strange as it sounds!  We also scored two Cantillon beers at the amazing One Pint Pub at Santakatu 2 - very hard to find but one of the best pubs I've been to with a staggering array of beers from Sahti to Lambic and all inbetween - it makes my top five bars ever in one visit it was that good!  We also did the Suomenlinnan brewpub on an island in Helsinki harbour - a ferry every 20 minutes or so and it's free with the daily travel card so why not!  Two beers on, both acceptable, but the prices.... oooh that hurts, 7 for a pint and a half...

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