Air Berlin all the way!Oak casks are the way forwards...What a lovely pair.  oooh-er missus!The scooper's trusty sidekick, the Head Bag.  Until they went crap in the 90's.My looooords!! Get into that seminar!Gazza by the coppers at Klasterni, Praha.Keeping some bottles cold in a bag of snow on a train in Croatia!A brewery.  This one is Holba in Moravia, Czech republik.A big Prague T3 in the snow

   Berlin 2009  

Last Updated : 31/03/09

ur latest trip to one of the most interesting cities anywhere will be documented in a report which will appear at some point before the sun is able to be picked up with oven gloves (in about 6 million years or so).  In the meantime, I've added the phots from the trip whilst the city and beer gen, fully updated, can be found here.

See also the Gazzateer for a very personal view of the city.


Gazza 29/03/2009 v1.0


Gazza in Brewbaker Berlin 210309 Bier Spezialitat Laden Berlin Plant Hops and Barley Berlin 210309 Brauhaus Sudstern Berlin 220309 Sudstern plant Berlin 220309
Gazza in Brewbaker Bier Spezialitiat Laden on Karl Marx Allee Tiny plant in Hops and Barley, Freidrichshain Brauhaus Sudstern Sudstern's small plant
21/03/09 21/03/09 21/03/09 22/03/09 22/03/09


Gazza at Sudstern 220309 Schlossplatz Kopenick Berlin 230309 Eschenbrau Berlin 230309 Lemkes Berlin 240309 Brauhaus Bohnsdorf Berlin 240309
Gazza at Sudstern with the world's strongest beer! Schlossplatz Kopenick Eschenbrau, Wedding Lemkes Brauhaus Bohnsdorf
22/03/09 23/03/09 23/03/09 24/03/09 24/03/09


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