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Last Updated : 03/12/06


must plead ignorance here and say I've never been to Khazakstan (yet), and so am indebted to the gen from Bob the Binman who has recently visited the country.  For those who don't know where it is, or don't have access to a map, it's the enormous swathe of land between Russia, Uzbekistan and China.  Now you know.

"I came across a relatively new Tinkoff brew-pub at 27 Satpaeva Street, Almaty which was not bad. Their beers included a Pilsner, a Weissbier and a dark Temnoe which was pleasant.  Tinkoff is a St Petersburg chain of brew pubs/restaurants in Russia who also operate one or two sites outside of Russia and brew according to the Reinheitsgebot purity laws; the brand name was bought by InBev last summer.  Otherwise it was standard western lagers, Baltika or Tian Shan (Dinal)".

For other brewery gen, see Beerme! here.

As can be seen from the above, there's not exactly a surfeit of breweries to be found, and maybe the country has the lowest brewery to square mileage ratio in the world?  Whatever, let's just say if you go there then expect to drink crap from multinationals, as is the case in most ex-Communist countries where the breweries have been privatised and sold to whichever huge company was lurking around that particular day.


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