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Last Updated : 12/07/09

ell, in my opinion, I wouldn't bother; what a total shithole!  It's as if all the buildings are stacked on top of one another and, whilst in some places this would look interesting, here it just looks a downright mess.  Forget anything about pedestrian priority too, the car is the dominant alpha male and the whole place is a slave to fossil fuels with a multitude of carparks and strange sliproads curving off to who knows where.  As you've probably guessed by now we didn't like it very much - if you like cars and bad architecture or think that visiting will somehow make you more important amongst your friends and add an extra few inches to your penile longitude then I suppose you might get ten minutes of fun out of the place, but my advice to everyone else is - stay away!

As for beer, all we saw were the usual multinational brands.  An internet search found nothing in the way of beer being brewed here, but I doubt we'd have managed to get past the cars even if there was a brewpub.  There used to be one but I can find no trace of it now although I do know the owner, Joseph Berhauser, was convicted of war crimes but continued to run the brewery until 1972 when it closed.

Update ! July 2009 - It seems as if Monaco now has a brewpub.  An entry has appeared here and in the local rag here so it looks like the brewpub opened in August 2008.  It's at Route de la Piscine 36 "On the southern part of Port Hercule, between the swimming pool and La Rascasse".  Lee Barrass has been and describes how to get there thus; "If you stand overlooking the swimming pool with the road behind you and the port in front of you, to the right is a set of steps. Go down these and turn right and it's just on the right hand side."

It's named after the old Brasserie de Monaco and, allegedly, the beers are similar in recipe.  Three beers are brewed in the usual French style; wheat, light and dark.


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