What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)Keeping some bottles cold in a bag of snow on a train in Croatia!A brewery.  This one is Holba in Moravia, Czech republik.What a lovely pair.  oooh-er missus!Mick the Tick skiffling.Dave Brown - Bacchus in person!The ticking pen mustn't be forgotten!A trayload of winners, fresh from Sal's cellar!My Looords! 749121 at Sumperk...

Portugal    Lisbon    Portugal

Last Updated : 06/06/07

ur trip to Lisbon (and Madrid) is sadly but a memory now and the report is finally online, see it here if you really want to hear endless gibbering about trams and suchlike interspersed with the odd quote about some really crap beer we found.


Tourist tram climbs into the Alta Lisbon 230307 572 in the Baixa Lisbon 230307 Republica Cerveceria at Oriente 230307 Ferry crosses the Tejo towards Lisbon 240307 574 in the Alfalma Lisbon 240307
Tourist tram climbs the steepest adhesion gradient in the world, 1 in 6.9, or 14% - outrageous! 572 in the Baixa Republica da Cerveja, Oriente - or is it a concrete bunker? Ferry crossing the Tejo 574 in the Alfalma
Lisbon 23/03/07 Lisbon 23/03/07 Lisbon 23/03/07 Lisbon 24/03/07 Lisbon 24/03/07


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