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Last Updated : 01/02/11

eer isn't Spain's strong point.  Yes, there are industrial factories churning out identikit pale lagers, but if you want anything with even a modicum of character then you'd better be prepared for a lengthy search... or that was the case before the 2010 explosion in beery interest in the Cataluņa region which has seen it transformed from what was the best area of Spain (which wasn't saying much) into one of Europe's most interesting up-and-coming regions.  The rest of the country is, with a very few exceptions, a total write-off beer wise (although I'd wholeheartedly recommend Jerez to see what Sherry is supposed to taste like in it's natural environment) so, if you're looking for somewhere to begin, Barcelona is the obvious first choice with Madrid a long way back in second.

The beer gen from our January 2011 trip to Cataluņa is here.

My first now totally out-of-date report on Barcelona is here, plus there's some stuff on Madrid here Madrid and Lisbon.


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