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Last Updated : 29/07/09


ere is the list of my recommended bars in Stockholm; see them on my Google map here.  The report and some phots will be along at some point.


Brewpubs and Bars.

Brewpub - brews on the premises Monk’s Café Wallingatan, Wallingatan 38.

A boot. From Central Station, walk up Vasagatan for five minutes until you come to Wallingatan, turn left, and the pub is just ahead.  Alternately it's a short walk from the other Monk's.

A ranting mouth... Long, narrow brewpub with a good range of interesting and definitely not boring own-brews on sale as well as a massive and extensive range of beers from around the world; a 5-glass sampler is 125SEK.   The bottled list is similar to the other Monk's and so is one of the best I've seen anywhere with barely a dud beer in sight and interest right across the range.  The homebrews are made on the tiny brewery out back and are generally interesting and strong with only a slight doff of the cap to style guidelines!


Pub or Bar Akkurat, Hornsgatan 18.

A boot. Theoretically easy to find, in reality not so!  Situated on the southern island of Södermalm, the easiest way to get here is the T-Bana to Slussel and leave by the rear exit.  When you appear at street level Hornsgatan is the main road to your left and the bar is a short distance along here on the other side of the road in the ground floor of a tall building.

A ranting mouth... Nondescript-looking bar at the bottom of a nondescript building, but don't let this place fool you - it's one of the world's better beer bars alright.  It serves around 4 cask ales from the UK and Sweden plus Franconian and Swedish micro draught beers, a massive bottle list including specials from Cantillon (£30 upwards a bottle) and a mindblowingly huge range of whisky.  There's something for everyone here, and if you're in town this should be one of your first stops.  Close to the Northern exit of Slussen T-Bana station and Oliver Twist for a large American tap range.


Pub or Bar Monk’s Café Sveavägen, Sveavägen 39

A boot. Take the T-Bana to Hötorget, walk north along Sveavägen and the bar will be on your left, on the corner of Kungsgatan opposite a park, in a few hundred metres.

A ranting mouth... Lively corner pub with around 20 beers on tap and a superb range in bottle including Argentinian micros, Del Borgo from Italy, Taps from Istanbul... the list goes on.  A great place to relax with a few scoops, and the brewpub is a mere 5-minute stroll away.  One of the best all-round beer ranges I've seen in a long time.


Pub or Bar Glenfiddich Warehouse No. 68, Västerlånggatan 68.

A boot. Right in the middle of the tourist throng of Gamla Stan, the T-Bana station is a mere few minutes' walk but you need a map (the first time!) to find it.

A ranting mouth... Interesting old vaulted building with a top tap beer selection including around 5 from Nynäshamn and the rest from other micros in Sweden.  Despite the tourist frenzy outside it's not generally over-run with them and maintains a bustling yet relaxed charm.  A good whisky range too including Sweden's own malt, but it's the beer you'll probably be here for and, in that respect, it's one of the best bars in town to get a few scoops and some micro-brewed ale.


Pub or Bar Oliver Twist, Repslagargatan 6.

A boot. Head up the alleyway opposite Akkurat, up the steps, and the pub is in front of you.

A ranting mouth... Good pub - and it is a pub not a bar - with a lively atmosphere and simply great range of Swedish and American beers on tap plus some decent bottles too.  It's a mere few minutes from Akkurat, so well worth a look, and it's close to the Northern exit of Slussen T-Bana station too.


Pub or Bar Man in the Moon, Tegnérgatan 2.

A boot. Take the T-Bana to Rådmansgatan, walk east along this road until you reach Tulegatan and turn right; the bar is on the left-hand side of the next crossroads.

A ranting mouth... Very British corner pub with some unexpected beery delights including the house beer from Sigtuna (Månens Pale Ale, well hoppy!) plus a house Barley Wine in bottle and around 20 micro bottles in addition to the guest taps.  Relaxing and well-run.


Pub or Bar Tegnérs Gömställe, Upplandsgatan 17.

A boot. From the Monk's brewpub walk north along Västmannagatan for 2 blocks until you come to Tegnérgatan.  Turn right then left at the end into Upplandsgatan and the bar is on your left after a few metres.

A ranting mouth... Cosy little bar which has nothing on tap but a decent range of Swedish micros in bottle including interesting stuff such as Ölands and Ocean.  It's reasonably close to the Monk's brewpub so worth a short detour.


Pub or Bar Mackinlay’s Inn, Fleminggatan 85.

A boot. Take the T-Bana to Fridhemsplan.  Cross the busy crossroads and you'll see the bar on the same side only a few metres along the road.

A ranting mouth... Supposedly "Scottish" bar very close to the T-Bana, this bar has around ten Swedish micro beers on tap plus some others in bottle and even some Norwegian beer too!  It's well worth a go, although do the other obvious ones first.  It helps that it's 1 minute (green man allowing) from the T-Bana station!


Pub or Bar Nils Oscar bar, Sankt Eriksgatan 36.

A boot. Walk south along Sankt Eriksgatan from the Fridhemsplan T-Bana station and you should find this bar on your right; be aware that the sign may not say Nils Oscar!

A ranting mouth... We didn't visit, but apparently it has just about the full range of NO beers on tap and bottle, although Systembolaget is much cheaper if you just want the bottles - plus you can't do take-outs either.


Pub or Bar Soldaten Svejk, Östgötagatan 35.

A boot. Take the T-Bana to Medborgarplatsen, walk east along Folkungagatan and the bar should be on your right at the next crossroads.

A ranting mouth... We didn't visit, but apparently it's a good Czech-influenced bar with around ten Czech beers on tap including Bernard, Primator and Platan - and although cheap for the city the prices aren't exactly Czech!


Pub or Bar Saddle & Sabre, Tegnérgatan 9.

A boot. From the Man in the Moon, look across the road and you should see this restaurant/bar.

A ranting mouth... Really an American restaurant, but it does apparently have some beers worth a look although we didn't visit.


Pub or Bar Bishops Arms, Vasagatan 7.

A boot. From Central Station, walk north along Vasagatan for 100 metres and you'll find the bar on your left.  At present it's covered in scaffolding.

A ranting mouth... Tacky Ing-er-List themed pub (part of a Sweden-wide chain, there are more in Stockholm) with keg beer on fake handpumps (Sheps!) although they do sell some Swedish micros as well.  Looked like a McSpoons, no scoops, we didn't stop...


Beer Shops.

Bottle shop or Offie Systembolaget Passagen, Regeringsgatan 44.

A boot. Pretty much central close to the Gallerian shopping centre and not far north of Gustav Adolf's Torg.  Enter the Passagen mall, head as far as you can go and you'll see the shop at the end of the passage.

A ranting mouth... Fairly large branch of the Swedish alcohol monopoly situated in a shopping precinct, right at the back. About the best range of micro beer although don't expect hundreds of scoops! Still, we still got a dozen...  This is apparently the best of the many shops in the city although, as I've said, don't expect miracles.


Hotel Recommendation.

Scandic Park, Karlavägen 43.

A boot. Situated at the northern end of the Humlegården with Stadion T-Bana close by, exit via the rear escalators or funicular lift (if heading north) and turn right.  Follow the road over 3 roads until you get to the park and the hotel is on your right.

A ranting mouth... Comfy hotel across the road from a large green park and only ten minutes from the Man in the Moon, this hotel is recommended if you can get a decent advance rate on the website.  Only 5 mins from Stadion T-Bana.






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