Getting into the habit.A jug being used for what they're made for!What all scoopers should do, IMO!A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.Gazza by the coppers at Klasterni, Praha.What a lovely pair.  oooh-er missus!A big Prague tram in the snow

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Last Updated : 31/01/10

ell, this country is a bit of dark horse.  Switzerland has suddenly become a place of micro brewers and brewpubs in the same vein as Austria and, in parts, France.  Genève itself now has 4 brewpubs and one micro so a good weekend's scooping can be had in the home of the UN without venturing anywhere else.

Some good gen from a recent trip to Lausanne is hereNew !

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Steve Westby's article of 2003 was the basis for our September 2005 visit to Genève which entailed a lot of extra research that certainly paid off as we found a wine scooping festival a short train ride from the city... !

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