The Beer House, Manchester circa 1991 - them were the days!Molly - a legend.  RIP.A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.Pulling the scoops through a handpump.A trayload of winners, fresh from Sal's cellar!Lambic maturing at Cantillon, Brussels.  I can smell it now!Drink me! Drink me!  You know you want to...A load of casks outside the Evening Star in Brighton.Molly - a legend.  RIP.Consulting the good book.

   A Tribute to Tony (Molly) Molyneux  

Last Updated :10/10/04

his page has been created to pay my respects to a friend and fellow scooper of many years, the big loud one they called Molly.   Any other photos are welcome to add to this tribute to one of the real characters of scooping.  And we thought nothing could silence him....


Molly and Alan Douglas, Smithfield 15/01/04.


Molly in familiar pose - singing sea shanties!


A great portrait of Molly by Beer Monster


Molly and "Bogbrush", by Beer Monster


Molly and Dicko in usual form, August 95