Handpumps ready and waiting to dispense winners - well, one is.Dave Brown - Bacchus in person!What to do with 'em when you've bought 'em!The Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy.  RIP.The view from behind the glass!The "Vital Spark", Para handy's famous puffer.What all scoopers should do, IMO!Aaaah, the smell of wild yeast...The copper at Appollo, Kobenhavn.


Last Updated : 07/02/12

his page will list all new additions to the site with useful links to them; newest stuff at the top, obviously.   Most of my phots are now on, so if you have any others and wish to embarrass someone then send 'em in! (as well as anything else you want)!

I'm also regularly archiving off the old stuff from this page.

07/02/12 - A mammoth Czech scooping article by Chris Greenwood is now online here... photos to follow.  I'm off to Bratislava and Prague myself tomorrow so expect the maps to be updated!

31/12/11 - Well now.  After some deliberation whether to let this site die a natural death (as I've basically not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do with my life!) I've come to the conclusion that it's worth keeping on life support, albeit only just!  So, expect the UK scooping section to be preserved in aspic whilst the Foreign bits (including the Google maps) will be updated as much as I am able.

Apologies to the many people who have emailed me proffering support and even help to keep the site going, it's all appreciated and makes the time spent seem almost worthwhile, and I promise to try and add at least some stuff each month and, in particular, gen on all my foreign trips as that's the only bit of scooping I now care about!

So, as a present befitting the season, I've updated some of the maps after recent trips and even added a new story... read it here!!!

01/06/11 - The Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month for March are online, as is the long-promised Hungarian tale in My Rarest Scoops!  Some Google maps have also been updated.

30/04/11 - February's Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month are now up - only 2 months late - plus there's another My Rarest Scoops due soon, this time Budapest!

14/04/11 - I know you won't believe it, but I've actually been writing stuff for the first time in months this week... and so, to prove it, there's a new My Rarest Scoops online!

06/04/11 - First off, apologies for the unplanned downtime in the last few days... first off some cunt decided to hack into the site and delete everything which I soon repaired, but then I went and copied the index (front page) file from the Nargis Kebab website over the one for Scoopergen and knackered it up!  Ah well, we should be back now and, to compensate, I've added a new blog piece which some may think a touch uncomfortable but rest assured I've not joined the BNP but am simply saying it how I see it... much more to come soon including February's awards!

27/03/11 - The January Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month are finally online and well worth the wait IMO... and after yet another great trip to Poland I've found what could be one of my favourite pubs of all time in what must be one of the most bizarre locations ever...!!!  More on this soon; that's what's called a hook and will keep you looking back in the vain hope I can be arsed to write something about it!

20/03/11 - You may - or may not - have noticed a severe lack of updates recently, this is due to there not being enough hours in the day!  As soon as someone does something about that then I'll resume full updates and writing duties...  Until then, a new Google map of Warsaw has been added in preparation for our forthcoming visit and the Irish beer gen will soon be online to accompany the map I've already done for the city.  Much more to come - including some beers of the month! - when I have a spare milisecond.

01/02/11 - The beer gen for Barcelona is now online, more to follow!

24/01/11 - My Review of 2010 is finally online!!!!  And the gen from our revelatory visit to Barcelona - where the local beer scene is going mental - will be here as soon as I get a spare minute!!!

04/01/11 - Another new year, another year closer to the grave... so, to celebrate, here's my December Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month (almost) on-time, plus an essay on local beer and whether scooping is compatible with the concept of "LocAle"...  I'm sure everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats for my review of the scooping year and, rest assured, it's close to being uploaded... just don't fall off the edge of your seat and do yourself an injury, OK?  It's not that bloody interesting, after all...

27/12/10 - The Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month for November are now up; bloody hell, I'm almost up-to-date!

21/12/10 - October's Beer of the Month is now complete (so only 2 months behind now...!), plus Mark Enderby completes his "Axis of Evil" scooplist here, a piece on Greece from Jon Tugwell is here and I've updated some more Google Maps.

14/12/10 - October's Pub of the Month has been added, and I'll finish the beer bit off as soon as possible!

08/12/10 - I'm finally getting my arse in gear and sorting through some of the backlog I have for the site... apologies but I've been very busy with other stuff recently!  So, updates should begin to trickle through in the next few weeks, I've started with a whole load of Google Map updates and the first bit of October's Beer of the Month...

10/11/10 - Well, some people may have realised that things here have come to a somewhat grinding halt recently.  This is due to my time being taken up by our brewing endeavours alongside a multitude of other things and so Scoopergen has had to take a back seat for a while.  Fear not, though, as I've not given up by any means and shall be updating the site over the next few weeks with some new stuff although you'll have to wait a while for any major writings to appear!  So, the message is to bear with me....

As we're off to Catalunya in January, it being the latest European area to go craft beer mad, I've added a Barcelona map and will add more info soon plus I've found a piece I wrote about Czech beer which never made it online until now!

06/10/10 - Still really busy, folks, so the site is having to take a back seat at present!  I've updated my Google Map for Lithuania after our recent visit (the beer gen will appear shortly) and the September Pub of the Month is now up with the beer one coming dreckly.

09/09/10 - Better late than never I suppose... August's Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month are now online!

19/08/10 - A new piece recounting my travels around Wales in search of new Micros is here, plus a Google map of Amsterdam for our forthcoming trip (our first visit in 7 years!)

07/08/10 - Still really busy with the brewing so little time to devote to Scoopergen, but I've not given up on it... yet!  A new Gazzateer this month plus July's Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month...  and I've done a Google Map for Lithuania as we're finally off there in September in search of "Kaimiškas" traditional beer.

09/07/10 - June's Beer of the Month and Pub of the Month are now up as is yet another piece on Brendan Dobbin and hoppy beers!

03/07/10 - Apologies for the lack of activity but I've been busy with setting up the brewing company and working all over the place... one update today, namely a new Gazzateer, and the beer / pub of the month for June will appear shortly.

23/06/10 - We all knew it was coming, but it still hurts... Goodbye Fudgey, we had some great times, the world has lost one of the good guys.  RIP mate.

03/06/10 - May's mammoth Beer of the Month section is now online plus, if you've not seen it on Steel City Brewing, my piece on Mid-Atlantic Pale Ale is here too; see if you agree with me!

31/05/10 - My best beers has finally been updated and I'm currently ploughing through 300+ beers to try and decide which I liked best... the Pub of the Month for May is up, though!

20/05/10 - I'm back from the USA and what a mental roadshow that was!  See the Gazzateer for a quick summary of what happened, plus there will be plenty of rambling opinionated diatribes to come in the following few months about a whole galaxy of subjects the trip has shone a rather tawdry light on.  But, for now, I shall simply curse the volcano which generously allowed us get back a mere 13 hours late...

04/05/10 - My Pub of the Month and Beer of the Month for April are now online.

30/04/10 - The beer scene in Gdańsk is looking up and the brand-new gen from our visit can be found here.  There's also a new Gazzateer which includes a horse with a superb name...  More to come this weekend, although I'm preparing for our massive trip to the US next week so that's getting priority at present!

20/04/10 - Revised info on Portsmouth's best pubs can be found here (plus a map) and, after a long break, a new Soapbox which makes up for the ten months since the last one with it's rantiness!

05/04/10 - My Pub of the Month and Beer of the Month for March are up plus a piece about creamy heads on beer which, if you've read the Real Ale Twats in Viz, will make sense.

02/04/10 - The Milan beer gen page is now updated (as is the map) and just doing this makes me want to return!!!  More stuff to come over the weekend.

28/03/10 - A new Gazzateer is here and I'm currently updating the Milan section after our recent trip.

09/03/10 - A tale of how Derby came to fall from grace as "scoops-central" in the 1990's is online, plus a Gazzateer.

02/03/10 - The February Pub of the Month and Beer of the Month are online, plus I've done a new page of gen for Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.  Two updates in two days... you lucky people, you.

01/03/10 - Apologies for no updates but I've been busy, been away, been busy again... you know the score by now.  Anyway, a new Gazzateer is up and I've done a Google Map for Düsseldorf.

08/02/10 - My January Beer of the Month is up plus a new Gazzateer.

02/02/10 - Some phots from Tokyo have been added plus some from Genoa and the latest Pub of the Month is online.

31/01/10 - Apologies for the lack of updates but work have been paying me to scoop beers in Basel and Lausanne!  Plenty to come, I've added a new Gazzateer plus updated the Google map for Basel, added one for Lausanne, and updated the beer gen pages for Basel and Lausanne (and surprisingly beery it is too!).

10/01/10 - The review of 2009 is now online!  Bet you couldn't wait...

01/01/10 - A new Gazzateer is up and the review of 2009 isn't far away either.  RIP Charlie, we'll miss you.

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