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Last Updated : 01/12/09

ark Enderby is currently scooping the entire "Axis of Evil" and so sends this short missive from behind (sort of) Communist lines...

"Spent a few days in Beijing and still can’t fathom the micro situation. I tend to rely on BEERME which lists only the Paulaner Brauhaus but RATEBEER produces a number of other options – mostly in the NE area of the centre (close – in the Beijing sense of distance - to Paulaner). This time I tried the Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus where I samples a perfectly competent Pils and a Dark (helped by happy hour pricing). The “kit” looked impressive but seemed to be more decorative. I suspected the beer may well have been imported – the CAMRA guide doesn’t list a German brewery of this name, but the website suggests such a brewery exists in Bavaria. The company also advertises a consultancy to set up micros brewing the “brand”. So it could be the real deal – or it might not be. Close by was a (closed) Chinese bar advertising “yeast” beer"


During this trip he also visited North Korea and Hong Kong.


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