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   Hong Kong   

Last Updated : 01/12/09

ark Enderby is currently scooping the entire "Axis of Evil" and so sends this short missive from behind (sort of) Communist lines...

"Finally we headed for Hong Kong. This is looking up since the East End Brewery started around 15 years ago. Their 3 outlets sell Aldrich Bay PA (a vey acceptable brew, albeit rather acidic (though that may have been the sample we got) and a light Too Soo Brew which was again acidic (in the wheat beer mould). The brewery also produces Hong Kong Ale (4.5%) which can be found across the city. This is a very acceptable pale ale in the American style. Belgian, British bottles were very much in evidence and also some interesting US micros.

However, the big surprise was at the Globe an ex-pats bar in SoHo. Initially unpromising, I spotted a handpull at one end of the bar which I suspected may be a keg Fullers (or some such  con). However it was advertised as Typhoon real ale and turned out to be a very acceptable fruity cask bitter. It turns out that an ex-Cathay pilot had decided to import some brewing kit and set up at his home on Lantau and this was one of his first brews. The beer was served from a polypin utilising one of the Keltek beer coolers (effectively a  large plastic cool box) and a handpull. This allowed the temperature to be well regulated. The landlord here is very keen and has, in the past, had pins air-freighted over in the winter"


During this trip he also visited North Korea and China.


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