The Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy.  RIP.Keeping some bottles cold in a bag of snow on a train in Croatia!A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.Scooping in progress.Mick the Tick skiffling.What all scoopers should do, IMO!Aaaah, the smell of wild yeast...Air Berlin all the way!A big Praha Tatra T3 in the snowTasters in Buller, Buenos Aires!

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Last Updated : 29/07/09


ere are my Sweden pages - okay, there are only two, but there's some good beer there and the scene is growing all the time from what was almost nothing only a few years back.  One to watch and, obviously, there is far more to Sweden than the beer; it's got some stunning scenery and, in summer at least, you can enjoy the midnight sun if you go far enough North.

Stockholm - 2009.

Gothenburg - 2008.


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