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    Ah yes.  There were other festivals outside Devon then.  The usual suspects are here, such as Cardiff, Wakefield and a few at Rare Breeds - you know, the year the bogs were a ditch and some guy fell face (or should that be knob?) first into the nettles (good job there were dock leaves handy), not to mention the Skoda in the tent as well as a barbecue .... a bit surreal, if you ask me.


Location / Date Cardiff BF, October 1996
Personnel Steve Fulcher, Ding Ding, Gazza, Rob Bolt and Skeletor bellowing at Slobby Ray.
Gen Slobby Ray is known for dossing out at fests, and he was right on cue at Cardiff!


Location / Date Royal Oak, Ledbury August 1996.
Personnel Sue, Steve Fulcher, Gazza, Beavis and Fletch.
Gen The barstaff seminar from the first, and best, Ledbury festival.


Location / Date Rare Breeds BF, Ashford, Kent.  June 1996.
Personnel Nice Hair, Steve Fulcher, Retford Dave, Russ and Gazza.
Gen Russ was desperate enough to want to drink the dregs from the empty cask of Minnis "Beer not Worthy" - although it WAS pretty huge!


Location / Date Rare Breeds BF, Ashford, Kent.  June 1996.
Personnel Retford Dave, Gazza, Nice Hair, Steve Fulcher and Ding Ding
Gen A bit of fresh air from the tent!  Rare Breeds was a bit of a riot that year, what with a Skoda in the tent... and don't mention the nettles by the bogs ....


Location / Date Wakefield BF October 1996
Personnel Skeletor, Gazza, ?, Steve Fulcher, Craig, Ding Ding and Aston.
Gen Wakefield was at it's peak in 1996, nowhere will ever be the same.  Everyone went and rioted, loads of ticks, superb venue - what more can you ask for?


Location / Date York BF, Feb 1995
Personnel Gazza, Loaf, Nigel (Peak basher), Carl Dogshagger (?), Drillbit, Steve Fulcher, Pogo, Aston and Jason
Gen A surprise good year for York, which resulted in a mass scooper's attendance!


Location / Date Cardiff BF, maybe 1996
Personnel Stewy Kemp, Gazza, Peter Mead, Boy
Gen A "Poly" reunion, except for Stewy who I suppose is a basher's reunion...


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