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    This is seminars I don't know how to classify, so are lumped together here.  There will be more, but these are pretty surreal for starters.


Top Ledbury shack seminar !

Location / Date August 1996, Ledbury Station
Personnel Steve Fulcher, Aston, Simon Fyffe, Ding Ding, Pogo, Skeletor, Teresa, Gazza
Gen This was the train home for most visitors (and staff!) of the Ledbury beer festival.  An excellent seminar, taken by Sue, with much bellowing and drunken rioting.


Location / Date Beer Engine, Newton St Cyres, Devon.  June 1995.
Personnel Loaf, Jason, Steve Fulcher and Gazza.
Gen We had just visited the pub to score their huge VE beer, so this seminar was taken.  For some reason, everyone seems to have one leg off the ground - not quite sure why this was.  Must have been something in the beer.


Location / Date Near the Cask and Cutler, Sheffield  September 1994
Personnel Steve Fulcher, Jason and Jonesey
Gen Just shows you can make a seminar from anything .....


Location / Date Ding Ding's house, Newton Abbot 1995
Personnel Loaf, Jason Chicken and Gazza
Gen After a shopping trip that netted some shorts that stood up by themselves, these cheeky chappies pose with new shirts from the market.  2 out of 3, eh .....?


Location / Date Kinkempois Depot, Belgium Summer 2003
Personnel Herbal, ?, Duncan," Marigold",  Cap'n Bob, Bob's Mate and SNCB Driver!
Gen The bottle Duncan is holding is a Val Dieu class 77 rebadge!


Location / Date Glastonwick 2003
Personnel Nick Little, George, ?, Einstein, Saxon, Headmixer, Jugboy, John the Jag, Goff, ? and ?
Gen No looking at the planes..... 



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