Scoopergen is six!!!

Welcome to Scoopergen !

Not so much "cheery beery" as "sneery beery"...

Scoopergen is six!!!

o you remember the old days when beer scooping was fun, when crowds of social outcasts roamed the country, scooping beers in pubs and festivals, and generally had a good time?  No?  Well, I do...

Note : Scoopergen is no longer updated due to lack of time - this may change in the future but I wouldn't hold your breath!  So, it remains as a reminder of the "golden age" of UK scooping and also my journeys into Europe (and further afield) in search of beer to scoop!  The only things updated are the Google Maps which are probably the most important thing for scoopers visiting the cities involved.

This site is dedicated to beer scooping's "golden years" from 1994-1998 and the people who were there, although in the last six years it has grown to include travel reports from across the world and the UK, a scooper's pub guide, yearly awards, my favourite pub and beers of the month, how to speak like a scooper, a soapbox, vaguely beer-influenced essays and stories,  my half-arsed attempt at a blog, maps of beery places plus various other stuff accessed via the icons at the bottom.

I intend to fill the gaping void on the internet about the hobby (or obsession, depending on your point of view) of Beer Scooping / Beer Ticking, catering for everyone from the seasoned tickers in the 10,000 beer club to potential scoopers who may have heard of the hobby but were "too afraid to ask"; well, now there's no need to be - it's all here!  Your input is positively welcomed, so please email us anything you feel might be worth publishing.

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Please don't publish anything from this site without asking first!  All opinions are those of the individual contributors (especially Soapbox!).