A big Prague tram in the snowA cask on-stillage at a beer festival.Oak casks are the way forwards...A fine looking specimen.A brewery.  This one is Holba in Moravia, Czech republik.Seminars - even better at 09:00 in the morning!Aaaah, the smell of wild yeast...Gazza by the coppers at Klasterni, Praha.Getting into the habit.Lambic maturing at Cantillon, Brussels.  I can smell it now!

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Last Updated : 01/02/11

his page is dedicated to the pleasures of scooping abroad in that big scary place called "Foreign countries".  Fortunately, most scoopers are not of the bigoted Sun reader brigade, so travel abroad is seen as an adventure and a chance to fill the book with strange new beer styles - whilst struggling to read menus in a futile attempt to avoid ordering pickled brains - rather than an excuse to insult the locals, get wrecked on the local cheap swill and buy silly stuffed straw donkeys or other tat produced for drunken English tourists.

I'm very lucky to have visited many of the places featured here, but other scoopers have very kindly filled in for my lack of awareness of some places and submitted their own reports which I include here with all due credit - thanks, and keep them coming! I hope you find these reports useful; if so, all I ask is that you update me with any corrections you may find during your travels to enable me to keep them fresh and up-to-date.

Click on the flags or countries below to go to the relevant pages.  All reports are by Gazza, unless credited otherwise, so you know what to expect... very long and very tedious gibberish!

Territories covered so far - 55

Albania (by Herbal) Argentina  (By Mark Enderby, Steve Westby and Gazza) Armenia (By Mark Enderby)
Australia (by Billy Whizz) Austrian Gen Austria Belgian Gen Belgium
Brazil  (By Mark Enderby and Steve Westby) Cambodia flag Cambodia (by Mark Enderby) Canada (By Mark Enderby)
Channel Islands Chile  (By Mark Enderby and Gazza) Cataluņa
China (by Mark Enderby) Croatian Gen Croatia Cuba (By Lee Croot)
Czech Gen Czech Republic Danish beer report Denmark Estonia (By Gazza and Beige Phil)
Finland France German Gen Germany  (By Stephen Harris, Mat Wilson, Mark Enderby and Gazza)
Greece (by Jon Tugwell) Hong Kong (by Mark Enderby)    
Hungary India (By Mark Enderby)    
Ireland Isle of Man Italy
Japan Jersey Khazakstan (By Bob the Binman)
Laos flag Laos (by Mark Enderby) Latvia Lithuania
Monaco Netherlands Gen Netherlands    
Northern Ireland North Korea (By Mark Enderby) Peru (by Steve Westby)
Polish flag Poland (by Helen and Gazza) Portugal Russia (by Mark Enderby)
Scotland (By Steve Westby and Gazza) Serbia Singapore (By Steve Westby)
Slovakia Slovenian Gen Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland (by Steve Westby and Gazza) Syria (by Mark Enderby)
Thailand flag Thailand (by Mark Enderby) Tunisia Uruguay
USA  (by Herbal, Mark Enderby, Steve Westby and John Adams) Wales    

Fluttery flags by www.3dflags.com

Animated flag images by 3DFlags.com

Reports coming up soon (well, some time this century...) :  

                           Berlin (March 2009)

                           Tokyo (May 2009)

                           Stockholm (June 2009)

                           Genoa (September 2009)

                           Wroclaw (October 2009)

                            ... plus random others !

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