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Last Updated : 02/03/10

s Germany has such a diverse beer culture this page will have links to various reports I have written or received on the various key areas.  So far, it includes a great article by Stephen Harris about the Gose area of Leipzig and around, my article about the great drinking cities of Köln and Düsseldorf and now my Bavaria / Franconia, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein articles are here too.  Mat Wilson has kindly allowed me to publish his article on the ultra-rare Zoigl beers of Oberpfalz in the south of the country - read and learn!

Düsseldorf beer gen - by Gazza  Gazza  New !

München/Augsburg/Ulm/Stuttgart - by Gazza  Gazza 

Berlin beer gen - by Gazza.   Gazza (updated March 09)

Harz Attack!  (Hanover and the Harz mountains) - by Gazza  Gazza 

Holstein Thrils (Lübeck and Schleswig-Holstein) - by Gazza Gazza 

Another Tick in the wall (Berlin November 05) - by Gazza Gazza

Zoigl beers - hard to find! - by Mat Wilson  Mat Wilson

Looking through Gose-tinted Glasses (Leipzig & Dresden, Spring 05) - by Gazza Gazza

Scooping mit Musik (Bavaria & Franconia) - by Gazza Gazza

Beer in Jena, Chemnitz and Leipzig - by Stephen Harris Stephen Harris

Bier Scooping, Rheinland style (Köln & Dϋsseldorf) - by Gazza Gazza

A Few scoops in Berlin - by Mark Enderby Mark Enderby


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